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Climate Change Threatening Mountain Ecosystems
Global warming is harming mountain ecosystems as melting glaciers increase the frequency of flooding and raise the spectre of conflict, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warned today on the International Day of Mountains.
Read More > Date 11-Dec-2007  | Category  
For Peat's Sake
Peatland is increasingly making way for oil palm plantations. But with climate change being linked with the destruction of this vital carbon sink, rehabilitation of the land is in order.
Read More > Date 14-Dec-2007  | Category  
Conservation of the Nenggiri
THE Global Environment Centre developed the Conservation of Biodiversity of the Nenggiri River System through Community Action programme in cognisance of the need for stakeholder participation in any conservation effort to ensure its success.
Read More > Date 27-Jan-2004  | Category  

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