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11-Dec-2007 Climate Change Threatening Mountain Ecosystems
Global warming is harming mountain ecosystems as melting glaciers increase the frequency of flooding and raise ...
14-Dec-2007 For Peat's Sake
Peatland is increasingly making way for oil palm plantations. But with climate change being linked with the ...
20-May-2008 Bigger role for students
27-Jan-2004 Conservation of the Nenggiri
THE Global Environment Centre developed the Conservation of Biodiversity of the Nenggiri River System through ...
13-Apr-2004 EARTH MATTERS: A boost for the environment?
Can a balance be struck between conserving and exploiting natural resources, now under the purview of ...
17-Sep-2004 Meliau - the treasures of nature
30-Sep-2004 Youngsters taught recycling the fun way
23-Aug-2005 Local strategies crucial to save Asia's mangroves
18-Aug-2005 GEC Helps Asean Draw Framework On Peatland Management Initiative
12-Jul-2005 Haze spreads to Malaysia's north
04-Mar-2009 Raja Musa, North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest - Community Tree Planting (on 21-Mar-09)
Whilst the total peatland area in Malaysia is estimated to be between 2 to 2.5 million hectares*1, pristine ...
18-Feb-2010 Pew Environment Report Says Melting Arctic Could Cost $2.4 Trillion by 2050
14-Sep-2010 Sunway goes Styro-free from October 4
The Sunway University College Student Council recently waged a war on Styrofoam by launching their ...
11-Mar-2011 Foundation’s project has improved Sungai Way River’s water quality
THE Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) team’s commitment in cleaning the Sungai Way River near their office has ...
06-Oct-2011 Timberland pulihara paya gambut
KELIHATAN air perang kehitam-hitaman mengenangi hampir segenap kawasan Hutan Paya Gambut Hutan Simpan Raja Musa ...
23-May-2013 Timberland Helps Conserve Peat Forest
Timberland Canal Blocking at Raja Musa Forest Reserve.
20-Apr-2014 Henti catuan air secara berperingkat
18-May-2015 Caring for our water
FOR many societies around the world, rivers are seen as the lifeblood of a community: providing food and water for ...
11-Jun-2015 "Planting Positively" didik jaga alam sekitar
05-Sep-2015 Komuniti AU2, Maybank Hidupkan Kembali Sungai Klang

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