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Breathing life into PJ’s tainted lakes

Read More > Date 17-Jan-2004  | Category River Care Programme  
Angling to protect the kelah

Read More > Date 27-Jan-2004  | Category River Care Programme  
Conservation of the Nenggiri
THE Global Environment Centre developed the Conservation of Biodiversity of the Nenggiri River System through Community Action programme in cognisance of the need for stakeholder participation in any conservation effort to ensure its success.
Read More > Date 27-Jan-2004  | Category  
Scientist: Take action to stop peat land fires
KUALA LUMPUR: The destruction of peat land is likely to increase unless effective preventive measures are put in place now, a scientist warned yesterday.
Read More > Date 08-Feb-2004  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
MPPJ joins effort to clean up lakes
THE Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) will commit to a programme that will ensure the cleanliness of the Kelana Jaya lakes.
Read More > Date 23-Feb-2004  | Category River Care Programme  
EARTH MATTERS: A boost for the environment?
Can a balance be struck between conserving and exploiting natural resources, now under the purview of the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry? SARAH SABARATNAM writes.
Read More > Date 13-Apr-2004  | Category  
COVER STORY: Pristine flow turns murky
Garbage-choked Sungai Pencala is a sad reflection of how Malaysians treat their rivers and lakes. Now, however, they have been given a chance to redeem themselves, ELIZABETH JOHN writes.
Read More > Date 13-Jun-2004  | Category River Care Programme  
Malaysia's Biotechnology: A Question Of Putting The
KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 (Bernama) -- There has been a lot of talk and excitement about biotechnology being the next wave of industrial wealth to be tapped by the corporate sector as well as governments, and Malaysia is no exception in ...
Read More > Date 16-Jul-2004  | Category General 
‘Aliens’ threaten Sungai Klang ecosystem
A freshwater fish species from South America, released into our rivers by fish breeders and aquarists, may pose a threat to local fish species and the ecosystem.
Read More > Date 22-Jul-2004  | Category River Care Programme  
Threat to drinking water from landfill
Treated wastewater from the proposed landfill in Bukit Tagar will be channelled into the Raja Musa peat swamp forest that feeds some of Selangor’s most important rivers.
Read More > Date 24-Jul-2004  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
Students get clear picture of the environs

Read More > Date 04-Aug-2004  | Category River Care Programme  
Scientific expedition to the Maliau Range

Read More > Date 08-Aug-2004  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
Big increase in Indon hotspots

Read More > Date 09-Aug-2004  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
WOMAN: Close to heart and home
Environmentalist Suzana Mohkeri is a firm believer that good habits — recycling, conserving and nurturing a love for nature — must begin at home. SOFIANNI SUBKI reports.
Read More > Date 16-Aug-2004  | Category General 
Bukit Gasing trails for students to learn about

Read More > Date 21-Aug-2004  | Category Capacity and Awareness 
SS2 Cares Carnival a hit with families

Read More > Date 03-Sep-2004  | Category Capacity and Awareness 
Banjaran Meliau Terbentang Luas Untuk Diterokai
SANDAKAN, 10 Sept (Bernama) -- Kerja penyelidikan, terutama yang membabitkan aneka flora dan fauna di hutan tropika negara ini menuntut kesabaran yang tinggi di kalangan mereka yang terbabit.
Read More > Date 10-Sep-2004  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
Sabah's Meliau range bewitch researchers
SANDAKAN Sept 12 - The Meliau range is a treasure chest awaiting researchers to unlock the secrets of its diverse tropical flora and fauna as initial forays into the Meliau Range Forest Reserve in Ulu Tungud, Sandakan, seem to excite ...
Read More > Date 13-Sep-2004  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
A river gone to waste

Read More > Date 14-Sep-2004  | Category River Care Programme  

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