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19-Sep-2017 Clean water in and out
28-Aug-2017 Teknologi IOT Pulihkan Bakau
26-Aug-2017 Yayasan Hasanah Komited Bangunkan Komuniti
26-Aug-2017 A Challenge for Rubbish Collectors
23-Aug-2017 Planting community bonds
22-Aug-2017 Residents urged to maintain drains to keep rivers clean
10-Aug-2017 Kebakaran hutan simpan berulang
03-Jul-2017 Sungai Semenyih Nyaris Tercemar
21-Jun-2017 GEC’s ROLPOP Campaign Rewards 500 Civic Minded Patrons at Jalan Kuching Ramadan Bazaa
23-May-2017 For Peat's Sake!
23-May-2017 Program "River Care" Pantau Kualiti Air Sungai Semenyih
02-May-2017 Pelindung Pantai
03-Apr-2017 Keeping food waste out of our rivers
waste management
30-Mar-2017 GPS lakukan pemetaan Sungai Semenyih
River Care Programme
29-Mar-2017 Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) plants 18,500 trees in Raja Musa Forest Reserve
Trees planting
29-Mar-2017 Yayasan Sime Darby replants area as big as 24 football fields
Trees planting
29-Mar-2017 SS2 food court have installed the oil separator and decrease of the waste oil water pollution
waste management
28-Mar-2017 Sultan joins in tree-planting effort
26-Mar-2017 Six groups get grants to care for rivers
River Care Programme
23-Mar-2017 Despite ban, tourists flock to Pulau Sembilan

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