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Zero-burning possible solution to containing Indon
MALAYSIA’S zero-burning techniques may just be the answer to Indonesia’s bushfire woes.
Read More > Date 03-Oct-2004  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
Youths to the rescue of peat swamps
Youths to the rescue of peat swamps
Read More > Date 21-May-2012  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
You get three lakes, not one pond
PETALING JAYA: Residents here have been assured that they will get three lakes and not only one pond for recreation.
Read More > Date 05-Jun-2008  | Category River Care Programme  
You can't quite see at sea
KUALA LUMPUR: The low horizontal visibility of less than five kilometres in the waters of Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Malacca and the northern Straits of Malacca is expected to persist until Saturday.
Read More > Date 04-Mar-2014  | Category Haze 
Working together to revive KL rivers

Read More > Date 21-Feb-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Working together for the rivers and mangroves
In conjunction with World Rivers Day 2012, 20 volunteers organised an Adopt-A-Tree programme, which was a donation drive to collect money for tree seedlings to be planted at a mangrove site in Kuala Gula, Perak.
Read More > Date 30-Sep-2012  | Category Mangrove 
Work with NGOs, Raja Muda tells govt bodies

Read More > Date 09-Jun-2006  | Category River Care Programme  
WOMAN: Close to heart and home
Environmentalist Suzana Mohkeri is a firm believer that good habits — recycling, conserving and nurturing a love for nature — must begin at home. SOFIANNI SUBKI reports.
Read More > Date 16-Aug-2004  | Category General 
Wind Direction Change To Singapore Temporary, Haze May Comes Back Next Week.
The director of a nonprofit organization Global Environment Centre, Mr Faizal Parish said, the average level of API in Malaysia has been mainly due to the changes of wind direction to Singapore recently and the rainfall in this country. According ...
Read More > Date 29-Jun-2013  | Category Haze 
When Salvation Gets Cheap

Read More > Date 19-Apr-2014  | Category Carbon, Climate Change 
Wetlands, a name under more spotlight

Read More > Date 16-Nov-2005  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 

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