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Awakening children's green senses

Read More > Date 27-Jun-2015  | Category Capacity and Awareness 
Swamp recovers from peat fires

Read More > Date 26-Jun-2015  | Category Peatland  
Planting Posivity

Read More > Date 25-Jun-2015  | Category Capacity and Awareness 
Kemahiran Hadapi Musibah

Read More > Date 19-Jun-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Oily gunk bad for rivers too

Read More > Date 12-Jun-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
River Care Centre Launched in Perak

Read More > Date 08-Jun-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Projek Sungai Nadi Kehidupan Mencapai Kelas IIB

Read More > Date 03-Jun-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Caring for our water
FOR many societies around the world, rivers are seen as the lifeblood of a community: providing food and water for its inhabitants, connecting towns and villages as well as fertilising crops in agricultural areas.
Read More > Date 18-May-2015  | Category  
Milestone for River of Life Project
he Klang River of Life project completed a milestone yesterday with the opening of its River Care & Environment Centre (RCEC) in Taman Melawati here
Read More > Date 10-May-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
PEKA, pelajar Idrissi School berganding bahu tanam pokok

Read More > Date 25-Apr-2015  | Category Forest and Wetland Conservation Programme 
Komuniti Hijau Lestari Sungai Kelang

Read More > Date 07-Apr-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Communities help revive Kelang River

Read More > Date 01-Apr-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Berkongsi Inisiatif Konservasi Air

Read More > Date 01-Apr-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Learning to Conserve Water

Read More > Date 31-Mar-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Teamwork can keep forest fires at bay, says department
There must be interagency and community-based partnerships to fight forest fires, especially at peatland forest reserves. says Selangor Forestry Department director Dr Puat Dahalan.
Read More > Date 04-Mar-2015  | Category Peatland  
Mining ponds play an important role in saving peat lands during droughts
ABANDONED mining ponds in Kuala Selangor are not just good for topping up water levels in Sungai Selangor, but they can also play a role in saving peatlands during extreme dry periods.
Read More > Date 04-Mar-2015  | Category Peatland  

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