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Water Project berjaya pulihkan semula Sungai Way

Read More > Date 01-Feb-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Lessons in river cleaning
Sewerage company to show volunteers importance of caring for waterways
Read More > Date 24-Jan-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Cleaning up Malaysia's rivers of life
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - In the hills to the east of Kuala Lumpur, the Klang River is clean enough for visitors to play in. But just a few hundred metres downstream, the water darkens and rubbish clogs the banks.
Read More > Date 29-Dec-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Centre: Lack of preparation, over-development main cause

Read More > Date 08-Oct-2014  | Category Climate Change & Water  
Brevery's role in river rehab

Read More > Date 30-Aug-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Mosque joins green initiative

Read More > Date 16-Jul-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Wangsa Melawati's Green Bazaar

Read More > Date 08-Jul-2014  | Category Waste Management 
NGOs call for sterner actions

Read More > Date 12-Jun-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Scorching temperatures are coming

Read More > Date 11-Jun-2014  | Category Climate Change & Water  
To protect river of life

Read More > Date 25-May-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Tingkat Kesedaran Air

Read More > Date 25-May-2014  | Category Water 
Water rationing to end today?

Read More > Date 30-Apr-2014  | Category Water 
Learning to save

Read More > Date 24-Apr-2014  | Category Sustainable management 
Redouble efforts to care for nature

Read More > Date 23-Apr-2014  | Category Waste Management 

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