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Mining ponds play an important role in saving peat lands during droughts
ABANDONED mining ponds in Kuala Selangor are not just good for topping up water levels in Sungai Selangor, but they can also play a role in saving peatlands during extreme dry periods.
Read More > Date 04-Mar-2015  | Category Peatland  
Kerjasama orang ramai bantu pelihara sumber hutan
Kerjasama, sokongan dan penglibatan orang ramai termasuk pihak swasta dan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) diperlukan untuk memastikan sumber hutan di Selangor dapat dikekalkan dalam jangka masa panjang.
Read More > Date 28-Feb-2015  | Category Peatland  
Working together to revive KL rivers

Read More > Date 21-Feb-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Getting Ready Today for a Cleaner Tomorrow
More than 100 volunteers learn the importance of preventing river pollution during Sungai Way river clean-up
Read More > Date 06-Feb-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Cleaning Our Waterways, One River At A Time

Read More > Date 04-Feb-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Community Clean Up the Sungai Way River (Mandrin)

Read More > Date 01-Feb-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Water Project berjaya pulihkan semula Sungai Way

Read More > Date 01-Feb-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Lessons in river cleaning
Sewerage company to show volunteers importance of caring for waterways
Read More > Date 24-Jan-2015  | Category River Care Programme  
Cleaning up Malaysia's rivers of life
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - In the hills to the east of Kuala Lumpur, the Klang River is clean enough for visitors to play in. But just a few hundred metres downstream, the water darkens and rubbish clogs the banks.
Read More > Date 29-Dec-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Centre: Lack of preparation, over-development main cause

Read More > Date 08-Oct-2014  | Category Climate Change & Water  
Brevery's role in river rehab

Read More > Date 30-Aug-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Mosque joins green initiative

Read More > Date 16-Jul-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Wangsa Melawati's Green Bazaar

Read More > Date 08-Jul-2014  | Category Waste Management 
NGOs call for sterner actions

Read More > Date 12-Jun-2014  | Category River Care Programme  
Scorching temperatures are coming

Read More > Date 11-Jun-2014  | Category Climate Change & Water  

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